Companion dogs alert owners to changing blood sugar levels

Jennifer Shaw, a reporter for the Contra Costa Times, recently wrote an article about Early Alert Canines. Here’s an excerpt of her story:

Four women and a child can now move through their days with a little less angst because of the prompts they now get, be they a gentle nudge, or a more boisterous pawing.

Chrystal Mota, of Sacramento, crosses the street with her service dog Leslie, from Early Alert Canines
Photo by Dan Honda, CCT staff photographer

The nonprofit, Concord-based Early Alert Canines recently trained and matched these Type 1 diabetics with dogs that can detect the subtle scents of low blood sugars.

“We can’t smell it … It gets down to a molecular level,” says organization executive director Carol Edwards, noting the detection of a “cocktail of chemicals,” such as acetone, adrenaline and endorphins, which are released into the bloodstream as a diabetic’s glucose is dropping.

Read Jennifer’s full post.

Join Early Alert Canines at DYF Day on Sunday, April 2012

Join us on Sunday, April 29, 2012 for the Diabetic Youth Foundation’s DYF Day at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek

DYF DAY is a campaign to empower people affected by type 1 diabetes. Early Alert Canines will be there–come out and say hello and meet some of our dogs!

Where: Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek, CA
Get directions to the event.

Visit DYF’s website for more event information.

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Early Alert Canines hosts orientation class for new diabetic alert dog applicants

Today Early Alert Canines (EAC) is hosting an orientation class for type 1 diabetics interested in getting diabetic alert dogs (DADs). It’s an exciting day for a lot of us, but especially for these new prospective clients!

Below are Nathan and Tyler with Early Alert diabetic alert dogs Rainie and Hoops.

Early Alert diabetic alert dog applicant

Join us November 12 in Castro Valley for a fundraising dinner

On November 12, 2011, the Castro Valley Moose Lodge is hosting a dinner to benefit Early Alert Canines, and we hope you’ll join us!

Where: 20835 Rutledge Road, Castro Valley, CA 94546-5418
When: Drinks at 6pm; dinner starts at 7pm

Dinner will include salad, roast beef, green beans almandine, scalloped potatoes, and triple berry chocolate torte.

After dinner there will be dancing to a live band, Triple Play.

Tickets are $18. Please call 510-537-0830 to reserve your spot. We hope to see you there!

Early Alert Canines recruits reach out to East Bay community

Two of Early Alert’s hypoglycemia alert dogs in training were in the East Bay today to get the word out about EAC. Hoops and Leslie worked our booth at the 19th Annual Lafayette Reservoir Run to help spread the word about EAC’s medical alert assistance dogs for type 1 diabetics.

Early Alert Canines diabetic alert dogs-in-training

Leslie (front) and Hoops

Early Alert Canines volunteers and these two soon-to-be diabetic alert dogs met with runners and other members of the East Bay community to talk about the life-saving impact these dogs can have in the lives of diabetics.

Hypoglycemia alert dog Leslie greets a baby and her mom

Leslie says hello to a baby at the event

Leslie is Early Alert’s newest diabetic alert trainee

Early Alert Canines welcomes its first Golden Retriever trainee: meet Leslie, a former breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Leslie, a diabetic alert dog-in-training for Early Alert Canines

Leslie is a 3/4 golden retriever, 1/4 labrador female who just turned three years old in October 2011. She was retired as a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind after her first litter. She had 8 puppies in March 2011 and is ready to move on from being a mom to being an assistance dog for Early Alert Canines. She currently lives at home with the family who raised her as a guide dog puppy and shares her home with two kids (ages 3, 6), two other golden retrievers, two cats, eight chickens, a guinea pig, and two fish. Her favorite day time activities include eating, playing with a tennis ball, lying on your feet and going for walks. Most of all, she loves to be with people!

Here are some photos of Leslie growing up:

Early Alert Canine Leslie with puppy Cavalia

Leslie and Cavalia

Four Douglas girls

Leslie and her sisters at home in June 2010

EAC dog Leslie

Leslie at a baseball game while in training for Guide Dogs for the Blind

Leslie relaxing in front of the fireplace at home

Leslie relaxing in front of the fireplace at home

Before and After: photos of EAC’s new facility

Early Alert Canines is thrilled to share these before and after photos of our new facility on Challenge Drive in Concord, CA.

Before the Renovation photos:

Early Alert Canine's training room

Our future training room, before

Early Alert Canines' lobby area

The lobby area, before the renovation

Early Alert Canines' Training Room, before the renovation

Early Alert Canines' Training Room, before the renovation

Early Alert Canines' Volunteer Office, Before the renovation

EAC's Volunteer Office, before the renovation

After the Renovation photos:

Early Alert Canines' new lobby, after the renovation

The lobby, after the renovation

Early Alert Canines' newly renovated lobby

EAC's newly renovated lobby

Early Alert Canines' newly renovated training room

EAC's newly renovated training room

Early Alert Canines' Volunteer Office Space, after the renovation

EAC's post-renovation volunteer office space

We hope you’ll stop by and take a look for yourself!

Kade is Early Alert Canines’ newest trainee

Kade, Early Alert Canines diabetic alert dog, a male yellow Labrador RetrieverHi! I’m Kade. I’ve been selected as a candidate for service training as a diabetic alert dog. Early Alert Canines is a non-profit organization that provides trained alert dogs to children and people with diabetes. A fully trained Early Alert Canine can give a signal when he smells low or dropping blood sugar, which allows the diabetic avoid dangerous low blood sugars. These dogs are provided to the diabetic free of charge.

Early Alert Canines is developing their training center in Concord, and is raising funds to achieve this goal. I am eager to start my formal training but I can’t do this until the facility is completed. I hope you will agree that this is a very special organization so I’m giving all 4 paws to the cause. I’ve seen the difference that alert dogs make in the lives of their partners.

I hope you can help, but if not please let all your BFFs know about this fundraiser. I promise that I will work very hard and do my very best to learn my new job. I am ready to be a loyal, loving, and vigilant partner!

Love & Licks,


Early Alert Canines’ sneak peek on June 25th

Early Alert Canines logoEarly Alert Canines is in the process of upgrading its new office space at 1641 Challenge Drive in Concord, California. This Saturday, June 25th, come visit our offices for a sneak peek of what’s to come. Once the upgrade is complete, we can begin training our diabetic alert dogs in preparation for their partnerships with insulin-dependent diabetics!

Come by between 1pm and 3pm for a peek at our office and training space and check up on our progress.

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